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Are you looking for the classic radio voice? Well, look no further than MJ cause he has, what you need. Being a radio host for over 15 years comes with its perks, with a wide variety of voices and vocal tricks, not to mention an ungodly amount of classic rock knowledge. MJ can help make you feel like Your Radio station is blasting out tunes straight from a studio in your backyard.



What’s the best part of working in a spa using YourRadio? Calming music? Gentle Intros for your segments, nope, it’s the soothing voice of our Gabby. Gabby’s extensive voice work will provide your calming business needs in style. Her gentle voice paired with your calming store environment will ease your customers, and maybe even get them to purchase that new item that soothing voice just told them about.



Larry Jay brings 20+ years of Audio Media experience to the table, from Radio Hosting and Ad Voicing, to Major Concert MCing (Master of Ceremony). Years in the industry have taught him how to make audio experiences feel like you're sitting with him on the back porch shooting the breeze. With experience and Vision for what can make your radio station everything it deserves to be, Larry Jay is the guy for you.



When it comes to up and coming Radio Hosts Grace has got you covered! With a new flair that catches peoples attention and keeps it, Grace will make sure your customers not only hear about your sales, but keep them in their minds. Her style is like no other and is guaranteed to make your station something like never before.

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